Assistance for acquisition of digital devices 2022/2023. Announcement

On November 23, 2022, a summary of the Decision of the Ministry of National Education dated November 15, 2022, calling for assistance in acquiring digital devices for the use of students taking certain courses outside the university, was published in BOCYL. Universities in the training centers of the Community of Castilla y Leon for the 2022-2023 academic year.

suitable devices

Digital devices will be subsidized only when the director of the center approves that they should be used in the p class.For processing digital teaching resources in accordance with the Center’s information and communication technology integration plan.

In addition, there must be models that meet the following characteristics:

The device must be purchased between December 22, 2021 – December 16, 2022.


The father, mother or legal guardian of students enrolled in primary education, compulsory secondary education, baccalaureate, basic vocational education, intermediate vocational education or special education centers can benefit from these aids for the acquisition of digital devices. y Leon or the student himself if he is a minor, The income earned by family unit members in 2021 does not exceed the following amounts:

number of members
family unit

maximum rent
family unit















From the eighth member of the family unit, the maximum income will increase by five thousand six hundred and sixty-four eighty euros (€5,664.80) for each new member.

In cases where students have a protection case filed by the Directorate of Social Services of Castilla y León, the beneficiary will be the legal person or foster family holding the custody of the minor.


This will be a basic requirement for granting aid. Accompany the application with the supporting invoice obtaining the appropriate digital device corresponding to the student whose assistance is sought. One invoice per student is issued in the name of the student’s father, mother or guardian if he is a minor, or on behalf of the student himself.

Award criteria

The benefit will be given in reverse order according to the per capita income of the family unit.

For the purposes of this call, the income of the family unit will be obtained by adding up the income of each calculable member of the family unit for the year 2020, provided by the State Tax Administration, as follows:

  1. In the case of family units or members of calculable family units that have filed Personal Income Tax returns, the overall tax base will be added to the savings tax base, excluding net negative capital gains and losses from 2017 to 2020. As a net negative balance from movable capital from 2017 to 2020. This result will deduct the fee from the self-assessment (usually calculated by adding boxes 435 plus box 460 and subtracting box 595).
  2. In the case of family units or members of calculable family units that earn their own income and/or do not file Personal Income Tax, the procedure will be equivalent to the procedure in paragraph a). job will be done.

For family units in any of the following situations as of 31 December 2021, the per capita income of the family will be divided by a factor of 1.25 to be in their favor in granting the benefit:

  1. Having the legal status of extended family.
  2. Any member of the family unit has a recognized disability equal to or greater than 33 percent.
  3. Recognition of any member of the family unit as a victim of acts of gender-based violence or terrorism.

When the group of students belongs to a family of any of the above, if at the time of formulating the application they are attending an education center located in a nucleus with a population of less than 10,000, the family income will be divided by a coefficient that is not: 1.25 but 1.3.

amount of aid.

Once the per capita income (rpc) of the family unit has been determined, three income ranges will be created, each corresponding to a different amount of benefits depending on the type of device purchased. In no case can assistance be made in an amount greater than the cost of the eligible digital device accredited via the relevant invoice. To move from one range to another, there must be a budget surplus from the previous one. In the last December, aid will be given until the budget runs out.

The amount of aid will be as follows:

  1. One hundred and twenty-five euros (125 euros) when a Tablet or Chromebook is purchased, two hundred and twenty-five euros (225 euros) when a convertible laptop is purchased. rpc purchased for sizes less than two thousand five hundred euros (€ 2,500)
  2. One hundred euros (100 euros) when a Tablet or Chromebook is purchased, one hundred and fifty euros (150 euros) when a convertible laptop is purchased, and one hundred and seventy-five (175 euros) when a laptop is purchased, two thousand inclusive for sizes from five hundred euros (2,500 euros) to three thousand five hundred euros (3,500 euros).
  3. From seventy-five euros (75 euros) when purchasing a Tablet or Chromebook, ninety euros (90 euros) when purchasing a convertible laptop, and one hundred euros (100 euros) for larger sizes or three thousand five hundred euros when purchasing a laptop (3.500 €) rpc

Formalization wants

Applications must be received via the computer application.

Access to computer application.  This link will open in a new window

(Available from 00:00 on Thursday, 24 November 2022)

After the application is complete, if you have a digital certificate, it can be processed online or if not, you must print it, sign it, and preferably present it to the center’s secretariat.

The application deadline starts on Thursday, November 24 and ends on Friday, December 16, 2022.

Very important!

If the request is blank or the fields are unreadable, it means it’s on your computer. file does not open with adobe reader program. Do not take notes with a pen in the paper application. If you want to change any data, do so in the application and print the new application.

Administrators of training centers can access supplemental information by accessing the following content with their users:

Supplementary information for administrators.

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