How to enable HDR on your laptop and desktop computer in both Windows 10 and Windows 11

How to enable HDR on your laptop and desktop computer in both Windows 10 and Windows 11

Wanting to reproduce content is becoming more common every day HDR or High Dynamic Range, on computer, laptop, TV, mobile phone… So it is becoming more and more important to know how to configure and Windows 10 Y Windows 11 they are no exception to the rule.

In this little tutorial, we’ll guide you to make the most of this capacity for both. operating systems. It should be noted that there is more and more content with this capacity, not only in the world of cinema and TV series.

Video games have been providing HDR content for some time now that will give you much more realistic landscapes and lighting that has always been appreciated. Be careful, you will need a monitor that supports it. Sony Inzone M9 or ViewSonic XG321UG.

Everything you need to know about HDR on Windows:

But… What is HDR?

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a technique in which image quality is improved thanks to the brightness contrast created. Like this, the darks become darker and the highlights become stronger, making the image more realistic. In other words, evolution RDS or Standard Dynamic Range.

So you get a much higher amount of color on the screen, and not to mention the big difference in dark areas next to bright areas, like when you use a flashlight in the middle of the screen, like in a horror game. night. . It also allows you to enjoy platforms such as: Netflix and all series accepting this format


What is HDR and what can we expect from televisions that comply with this standard?

This adds realism, making everything much more immersive. Not all monitors are HDR compatible and not all are the same. This will more or less be measured by the monitor’s nits or illumination level. So someone with 400 nits can use HDR 400, while for HDR 1000 you will need 1,000 nits.

certificate Dolby VisionFor example, it’s one of the most coveted HDRs because of its intense brightness, reaching 10,000 nits (although no TVs have reached that figure yet).

Set up HDR on Windows 10 with a compatible display

Enabling HDR is extremely easy. Windows 10. Just follow the steps below:

  • To write “System” in windows search engine
  • click “Screen”. Here it will show you a summary of your screen.
  • click “Windows HD Color Settings”.
  • This window will show all the options for the monitor or monitors you have connected. If you’re cloning several, you can’t. use HDR because this kind of configuration does not allow it. You won’t have any problems with different desktops.
how to enable hdr

If you are doing this from a laptop, you will find battery options for management such as: “Do not allow HDR games and apps while on battery”. This is because, HDR on much more battery will be consumed, so it will last less time.

Precisely for this reason, it is quite possible, on laptops this option is disabled from the base. Whether you want to use it or not will be up to you, but our recommendation would be to use it only when your laptop is connected to the mains.

Configure HDR in Windows 11 to see the best views

Although the menu is slightly different from Windows 10, The steps to configure HDR in Windows 11 are exactly the same. Since “Start” to go “Settings”, “System”, “Display” and follow the same steps.

You’ll have the same options, from battery management to the bar you can slide to increase or decrease the brightness level in HDR.

Note that you will need a compatible dedicated graphics card and also use to be able to use such content. DisplayPort 1.4 or HDMI 2.0.


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If at any time you notice that your monitor is HDR, but your Windows does not give you the option or does not appear, it is likely that the system is most likely prohibiting it due to battery management, something quite common with laptops.

It’s also possible to enable a “Night Light” mode, which tends to blend in quite poorly with HDR. Disabling it should fix this issue.

With all that said, you already know everything you need to know about how to enable HDR in both Windows 10 and Windows 11. how to install hdr on playstation 5we’re telling you too.

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