Samsung Galaxy Book2 Business, review: elegance and productivity

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Business, review: elegance and productivity

SAMSUNG continues in the field of laptops, applying all its know-how in the field of mobility to ensure professionals have a versatile, comfortable and autonomous laptop. this Galaxy Book2 Business the latest laptops built on the platform? vpro aiming to provide companies with hybrid employees with advanced security and productivity functions, who can work on equal terms both in the office and in the company, at least in terms of computers.

  • dimensions: 326.4×213.8×19.92mm
  • Weight: 1.51kg
  • OS: Windows 11 Pro
  • Screen: 14 inch FHD, anti-glare
  • Processor: Intel vPRO i7
  • Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce MX570A
  • connection: 4g LTE/ Wi-Fi 6E
  • Colour: graphite
  • Memory: 8GB, up to 64G
  • to store: 256GB, up to 1TB
  • Camera/Microphone: FHD 1080p + IR/ Dual MIC
  • Sound: Stereo speaker, Dolby ATMOS
  • Drum: 54Wh
  • Adapter: USB-C 65W
  • authentication: IR camera, fingerprint on/off button
  • ports: USB-C (1), USB-A (2), Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.0, RJ45, headphone/microphone, uSD, Kensington lock

Before I start talking about the laptop, I want to talk briefly about its packaging because like many other brands, Samsung is betting on eliminating the excess, so we find ourselves in front of a kraft-colored sober box with the white Samsung logo. When we open the box, we see the laptop in a protective envelope and it comes with a USB-C cable with its plug.

The Galaxy Book2 Business is straight and carefully designed, inconspicuous, and might well look like a portfolio we carry in our briefcase. its dimensions 326.4×213.8×19.92mm, 14 inch FHD screen and 1.51 kg weight making it conveniently portable and easy to use on tables, dining hall tables or sofas. On the sides we find a large number of links. Left two USB-C, one for charging, one HDMI, one RJ45, and one headphone or microphone jack. On the right are two USB A’s, a uSD slot and a Kensington lock key.

In the upper frame of the screen we will find webcamis required for all remote workers and includes a closed tab to disable it if we think it’s necessary. keyboard backlitVery comfortable and quiet, yes there is no numeric keypad but there is a keypad. huge trackpad.

Security at every level

One of the main strengths of the Galaxy Book2 Business is security, so in addition to the Kensington keylock we mentioned earlier in terms of biometrics, it also fingerprint reader power button and facial recognition thanks to the webcam.

includes technology Intel Hardware Shield and secure onboard processor to protect BIOS. Galaxy Book2 Business is also equipped with: tampering alert detects and monitors malicious attempts to tamper with security-critical data and stops computer attacks before they can infiltrate the operating system.

Galaxy Book2 Business can stop any attempts to compromise your system by establishing a hardware-based root of trust that validates the BIOS and creates a reliable chain between the CPU, secure embedded processor and SPI flash. If Galaxy Book2 Business is the target of an attack, valuable data is protected by the BIOS auto-recovery feature that can detect threats and automatically restore the BIOS during the computer’s boot process. support before damage occurs.

IT deployment and decentralized device management has never been more important to businesses of any size, and Galaxy Book2 Business equips IT teams with additional layers of protection and best-in-class support designed for today’s hybrid work environments. Built on Galaxy Book2 Business Intel® vPro provides reliable, multi-layered security and Intel Hardware Shield which protects against hardware and operating system attacks and reduces the likelihood of malware corrupting the operating system. Galaxy Book2 Business monitors both BIOS and OS levels helps businesses avoid attacks and keep confidential data safe. Additionally, Microsoft Secured-Core PC (SCPC) protects every device against kernel and firmware attacks so malicious code cannot corrupt the system.

To keep up with today’s businesses, Galaxy Book2 Business delivers the security solutions and connectivity power of the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem. Employees can use the function Samsung Account Single Sign-onIt simplifies the authentication process by requiring only one input of credentials. Samsung’s new blockchain-based Private Sharing also offers corporate customers the most secure platform to encrypt and share sensitive information. Employees can grant access and set expiration dates for each file they submit, so confidential and proprietary information remains confidential. And if an employee loses their Galaxy Book2 Business PC, Find Samsung SmartThings To search and find your Galaxy devices.

As part of the Galaxy ecosystem, Galaxy Book2 Business can sync with smartphone apps via Windows Link to send text messages and receive calls using both devices. Cross-app continuity also allows users to select and open their most recently used phone apps on their Galaxy Book2 Business PC so they can pick up where they left off. Samsung has also updated its Quick Share feature and combined it with Link Sharing, so users can instantly and easily share their work with others from anywhere.

Purpose: productivity

To guarantee the highest quality in video conferencing, Galaxy Book2 Business has integrated a webcam. it makes all online meetings look lively, clean and professional. this autoframing Background effects such as blurred background and virtual office settings minimize distraction and keep employees in the center of attention, even when receiving calls from very crowded remote locations. Every Galaxy Book2 Business automatically filters out static and background noise so sounds come clear and every word is intelligible.

When users log in and out of meetings one after another, it can be tedious to type their passwords to log back in to their laptops. With the Galaxy Book2 Business’s infrared camera, authorized users can save time by securely signing in using facial recognition for easy access. Galaxy Book2 Business is also designed to withstand harsh operating environments such as extreme altitude, temperature or humidity.

In addition, not only will they look beautiful on us, we will be able to see them in great quality thanks to the 14 inch FHD quality display from the Galaxy Book2 Business. Such a high-quality screen also allows us to work comfortably in any environment without reflections and without tiring our eyes.

To achieve these productivity levels, the Galaxy Book2 we tested 12th Gen Intel Core i7, 16GB DDR4 memory and Intel UHD Graphics graphics who starts Windows 11. With these features, we have a terminal perfectly prepared for intensive office automation, Internet or programming work. As we can see, if our goal is to combine it with design tasks, we should try not to make them too demanding, because here the features can be somewhat lacking.

your battery, Supports 65W super fast charging (With USB-C and the universal charger that can be shared with other Galaxy devices) it allows for up to 21 hours of video playback, according to the company. This means we can use it intermittently throughout the day and will require us to plug it in before or after, depending on what we’re doing. Personally, I like to work with my laptop plugged in if I am not going to move from the site for a while, so I save myself from unnecessary fears and what I like about this terminal is that the charger takes up space, as in all new generation laptops. it has the same space as a smartphone, so it is also easy and comfortable to carry.


This model is specifically designed for hybrid workers who need a powerful and manageable solution to get through their day. Betting on lightness and design in such devices often degrades power and performance. For what we find in front of a laptop with fair advantages, but if the day-to-day doesn’t ask us for picture or video editing tasks, it’s not necessary to ask for more from it, this laptop lives up to all our expectations perfectly.

9.75 laptop in terms of design and lightness, I can’t give you the plate because the number pad is an indispensable thing for me because it saves a lot of time when we have to type numbers over and over. A plus for ergonomics.

I also love how quiet it is and how little heat it gets. But its strongest point for me is the number of ports it has in it that keeps us from carrying an adapter when we need to work or buy certain accessories with tailored or wireless connections.

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