What is Blockchain technology and why you should apply it in your eCommerce - Marketing 4 Ecommerce

What is Blockchain technology and why you should apply it in your eCommerce – Marketing 4 Ecommerce


The digital world has brought thousands of advantages or opportunities in business, but unfortunately it has also opened a door for those who want to generate fraud, so both eCommerce and customers always try to get the same thing during any transaction: security.

here to move in blockchainA term translated as blockchain, which refers to a technology used to store data on the network.

what is blockchain

Blockchain technology a technology used to store data on the network. It simplifies the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. Blockchain storage is decentralized, meaning it uses several nodes or computers to dump data. It is a storage system that provides information cannot and has not been altered by anyone or anythingwhich makes it one of the systems safer.

The implementation of blockchain technology was a dream come true for both buyers and eCommerce. Peace of mind when paying and/or receiving online and ensures that your data is protected throughout the entire process.

web effectAs a strategic eCommerce development and digital marketing consultancy firm, it knows the desire of both parties to have security in their online shopping processes, therefore it offers its clients the opportunity to use blockchain technology in their eCommerce systems for services such as: product traceability Y marketing and ticketing tool.

This possibility arises thanks to its alliance with Leofy Techone of the projects included. WIM Group, same with them. The purpose of implementing this strategy is to increase sales (thanks to customers feeling more secure) and stored data well protected

Why should you apply blockchain technology in your eCommerce?

system blockchain It is aimed at those who want to be completely transparent with their customers and innovators. It’s a great option if what you’re looking for is a guarantee of the services, products, or contracts you offer. to be followed to the letter.

How can you incorporate blockchain technology into your eCommerce?

Having a blockchain system in your eCommerce can provide a number of advantages, whether from a marketing or digital security perspective. Here are some situations:

1. Product traceability

First we’ll go over what product traceability is all about: Knows the entire production and distribution process of a product because the raw material to make it is obtained until it is produced and offered for sale. Today, customers attach great importance to the origin of the goods they want to purchase, which forces companies to provide their consumers with complete information and seek reliable suppliers.

This can be achieved through the blockchain. With this security system, customers know the origin of the products offered by the company, andIt is 100% verified information.

2. Outstanding loyalty

One of the biggest goals of all e-commerce is to retain customers. To do this, different strategies are used to encourage consumers to buy again and again.

Leofy Tech proposes to use blockchain technology as a strategy. loyalty create a premium program where every registered user is rewarded a coin with a value determined by the company In order for you to purchase products or services offered in e-Commerce.

3. Monitoring

Tracking a product can be a complex task in the supply chain, but the blockchain system ensures that you have all the information at your fingertips, right at the end of the product’s journey, from the moment it is revealed to the moment it is delivered.

This security technology can be applied to eCommerce catalogs regardless of category; it even allows you to record the production process of anything and keep the information of the journey till the end.

4. Privacy: transparency and security

This technology always keeps you in control of your data, letting you know for every transaction, always. smart contract, With whom, how and how many times the data is transmitted, and the authority to correct access are under your control.

In fact, it’s only a matter of time before legislation focuses on secure databases and immutable documents. private information of customers of an online store.

5. Identity

To illustrate this point, they gave us the example of the healthcare industry and pharmacies with an online store from Webimpacto. If users have a history linked to a virtual wallet with all the information about their clinical history, this may unlock some prescription products and enable them to be purchased by the customer. In other words, the date will be the property of the person and it is the person granting access. smart contracts to the online store or to a medical center or hospital.

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