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How to Increase Cell Phone Volume – Relax Type

If you have an Android smart mobile device and you want to make the volume much higher than the preset on the device, try this trick:

  • Open phone dialer screen and also enter *#*#3646633#*#* code. It will open excellent engineering mode. Swipe left on the screen until you reach the Hardware Test menu. In this menu, select “Sound” > “Sound” > “Sound playback”. You will see 2 drop-down menus and an item box.

Trick Increase the volume of your mobile with these apps: The sound will be much more distinctive

There are apps that can guide you to turn up your phone volume. Be careful because they are not worth any of them. Many do not march and are prevented from making propaganda. We recommend using the following apps to increase the volume of your smartphone:

  • VLC is a media player that can: voice up 200% (although this is not entirely true, the fact is that it greatly increases the size of your smartphone). Go to Settings > Video > Audio Support.
  • Viper4Android is one of the most powerful apps for adjusting your cell phone volume in general. It allows you to change the gain and sound quality of the built-in speakers, headphones and Bluetooth speakers. But you need root login to use it.

Boost sound with the app

If the problem with the speaker occurs suddenly without misuse and is under warranty, contact the service center through the manufacturer or shop. Because they’re the ones who need to take on that kind of repair value and get the speaker working and playing again. If it’s a phone that’s out of time, it’s worth repairing because this issue is most likely caused by a manufacturing defect. If the smartphone does not ring by itself when they call us, this is another issue that needs attention. That is, if it sounds for example when a WhatsApp notification arrives or not. Because if the phone is not making any sound, there is probably a problem with the speakers and that means no sound.

However, during a call, these keys can increase the volume of the microphone, while playing videos or music, they can increase the volume of reference multimedia content. If all you want is to increase the volume, the app lets you increase the volume by up to 40% (or much more if you change it in your edits) and also includes a compatibility procedure that can be useful when other apps don’t. no mart to you mart Basically, because the problem is most likely in the hardware of the device, as we said before.

Apps that increase volume on iPhone

If these changes did not work for you, you must have an external application. iPhone doesn’t have as many as Android, but we leave you with the next one:

It perfectly reproduces the maximum volume of the sound and you can adjust it with a full EQ. Added Essentials: Recommended for iPhone 4s and above.

Volume up

These buttons will allow us to raise, lower or mute the volume. Computer set | Technology at hand A portal where you will find all kinds of news about technology, smartphones, computers, applications, computers, video console games, comparisons, tips and guides. Retention or technical registration is a requirement for legitimate intent to retain options not requested by the subscriber or user. How to increase and/or improve the volume of your smartphone is one of the most important things and you remember it more than ever in the summer. It is an exceptional season of the year when we have much more independent moments to listen to music or watch videos at the pool, on the beach, walking or taking a morning tour. Smartphones are gradually being used to listen to videos or music anywhere, at any time of the day, especially when traveling or out and about.

Certain notifications were issued after each click on the design. Others had ads appearing above other apps we used. Some even played full-screen ads with sound.

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