Try This Gadget to Remove Fuzzy Hair All Year Round: Ulike Sapphire Ice-cooling Laser IPL Hair Removal Device

Ulike Sapphire Ice-cooling Laser IPL Hair Removal Device

Body hair is normal, but when it gets out of control, it can be uncomfortable to show off your skin. It doesn’t help that the never-ending hair removal and growth cycle persists. You wish it could be washed away with a few rinses, but that’s not how it works. This is where the Ulike Sapphire Ice-cooling Laser IPL Hair Removal Device comes in handy, as it inhibits the regrowth of hair for both men and women in just four weeks. Check out how Ulike Beauty designed their laser hair remover to get rid of your body hair and keep your skin silky smooth.

Ulike Sapphire Ice-cooling Laser IPL Hair Removal Device

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What Is IPL Hair Removal?

The Ulike Sapphire Ice-cooling Laser IPL Hair Removal Device delivers next generation IPL hair removal technology, a trusted technology used by professional clinics to banish hair at the root. IPL technology uses multi-spectrum lights, and converts light energy to heat energy, which destroys the nutrient supply of the dermal papilla and hair follicles, permanently reducing hair regrowth over time to bring users silky smooth, hair free skin, without the hefty price tag .

With Ulike’s patented medical grade Sapphire ice-cooling technology, heat output from the device is reduced, cooling skin to protect it from injuries. With traditional hair removal devices, the temperature of light can reach 158℉-212℉. Thanks to Ulike’s Sapphire Ice-cooling technology, skin is cooled to 50℉-104℉, effectively avoiding burning and heat injuries caused by high temperatures and ensuring each treatment is painless and safe.

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(Photo: Ulike Beauty)

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser hair removal generally costs more than $300 for each appointment. If you are shocked by the price, you might be worried to hear that you’ll have to pay that price for up to six sessions to see long lasting results.

Alternatively, you can check out the Ulike Sapphire Ice-cooling Laser IPL Hair Removal Device to explore how you can achieve painless and permanent beauty salon quality results without the hefty price tag.

Is Getting Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

Based on its cost and convenience, laser hair removal is definitely worth it. This is especially true with the Ulike Sapphire Ice-cooling Laser IPL Hair Removal Device.

Ulike Sapphire Ice-cooling Laser IPL Hair Removal Device

(Photo: Ulike Beauty)

Key Features

  • Easy to Use and Effective: Designed with a flat head and different Sapphire gradings depending on the model, the Ulike Sapphire can be easily pressed onto the skin, boosting effectiveness and targeting unwanted hair more efficiently, without causing irritation or pain.

  • For Everyone: Satisfying the needs of different hair and skin types, the Ulike Sapphire has up to five energy levels, suitable for use on the face, underarms, bikini line, arms and legs, perfectly delivering a cool and comfortable IPL treatment for men and women.

  • Lightweight and Stylish: The Ulike Sapphire features an elegant, ergonomic shape and weighs just 284g, perfectly fitting in users’ hands for a simple and seamless experience. It is sleek, stylish and portable, allowing you to enjoy discrete and convenient hair removal anytime at home, or even on holiday.

  • Safe to Use: Ulike’s unique medical grade Sapphire Ice-cooling technology quickly reduces heat output from the device, chilling it to 50°F-104°F and ensures there’s no burning and heat damage caused by excessive temperatures. Plus, it is FDA authorized, meaning that it is safe to use and adheres to strict requirements for a safe and effective hair removal experience.


  • Applicable for different skin types as well as certain areas in both men and women

  • Salon grade experience that is both effective and safe to use

  • Uses a unique medical grade Sapphire ice-cooling technology that rapidly cools the skin once it has been heated

  • FDA-approved, promising safety, and high standards

  • SGS certified and tested, delivering effective results in four weeks at most

  • Compact body hair removal device that works in 10 minutes

  • Ensures safety and cleanliness without the risk of injury

Ulike Sapphire Ice-cooling Laser IPL Hair Removal Device

(Photo: Ulike Beauty)

What Stage Is It Best to Remove Hair? Start in Fall, Shine in Summer

Considering your hair has a predetermined growth phase, it is difficult to get rid of hair in a single session. In most cases, it takes 1-2 months of consistent therapy to achieve the desired results. In other words, permanent hair removal takes consistent application overtime to get the desired results. With this in mind, Ulike Beauty recommends starting your treatment in the fall for smooth and beautiful skin ready for spring and summer.

Fall has shown to be an ideal time to start your hair removal therapy owing to the normal hair growth cycle and lower exposure to UV radiation. UV rays are harmful to the skin and these rays are at their peak in the summer, so it’s best to limit your skin’s exposure to the sun. Meanwhile, the environment in fall is much safer for your skin because of your clothes. Given the circumstances, long-sleeved clothing provides enough protection when they are comfortable to wear.

Put in the effort now and get smoother, more beautiful skin for the next season. Take advantage of faster results and Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair Forever at home with laser hair removal from Ulike!

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